Denzinger – Schonmetzer 1963 (1066 – 2167)

Bố cục

Part DS Dz
1 1066-1091 570-577
2 1101-1199 578-626
3 1201-1235 627-690
4 1300-1398 691-723
5 1411-1191 724-781
6 1500-1583 782-843
7 1600-1700 843-910
8 1701-1800 911-970
9 1801-1870 971-1000
10 1901-1999 1001-1091
11 2001-2167 1092-1216


[From the same letter to Consolator]

DS 1066 Dz 570s We ask if you have believed and now believe that there is a purgatory to which depart the souls of those dying in grace who have not yet made complete satisfaction for their sins.

DS 1067 Also, if you have believed and now believe that they will be tortured by fire for a time and that as soon as they are cleansed, even before the day of judgment, they may come to the true and eternal beatitude which consists in the vision of God face to face and in love.

The Matter and Minister of Confirmation*

[From the same letter to Consolator]

DS 1068 Dz 571 (12) You have given responses which influence us to ask the following from you: first, concerning the consecration of chrism, whether you believe that the chrism can rightly and deservedly be consecrated by no priest who is not a bishop.

DS 1069 Dz 572 Second, whether you believe that the sacrament of confirmation cannot ordinarily be administered by any other than by the bishop by virtue of his office.

DS 1070 Dz 573 Third, whether you believe that by the Roman Pontiff alone, having a plentitude of power, the administration of the sacrament of confirmation can be granted to priests who are not bishops.

DS 1071 Dz 574 Fourth, whether you believe that those confirmed by any priests whatsoever, who are not bishops and who have not received from the Roman Pontiff any commission or concession regarding this, must be anointed again by a bishop or bishops.

The Errors of the Armenians

[From the same letter to Consolator]

DS 1072 Dz 574a (15) After all the above mentioned, we are forced to wonder strongly that in a certain letter, which begins, “To the honorable Fathers in Christ,” you retract fourteen chapters from the first fifty-three chapters. First, that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.

DS 1073 Third, that children contract original sin from their first parents.

DS 1074 Sixth, that souls separated from their bodies, when entirely cleansed, clearly see God.

DS 1075 Ninth, that the souls of those departing in mortal sin descend into hell.

DS 1076 Twelfth, that baptism destroys original and actual sins.

DS 1077 Thirteenth, that Christ did not destroy a lower hell by descending into hell.

DS 1078 Fifteenth, that the angels were created good by God.

DS 1079 Thirtieth, that the pouring out of the blood of animals works no remission of sins.

DS 1080 Thirty-second, those who eat of fish and oil on the days of fasts, shall not judge.

DS 1081 Thirty-ninth, that having been baptized in the Catholic Church, if they become unfaithful and afterwards are converted, they must not be baptized again.

DS 1082 Fortieth, that children can be baptized before the eighth day and that baptism cannot be by any liquid other than pure water.

DS 1083 Forty-second, that the body of Christ after the words of consecration is the same in number as the body born from the Virgin and immolated on the Cross.

DS 1084 Forty-fifth, that no one even a saint can consecrate the body of Christ, unless he is a priest.

DS 1085 Forty-sixth, that it is necessary for salvation to confess all mortal sins perfectly and distinctly to one’s own priest or with his permission (to another priest).

INNOCENT VI 1352-1362

URBAN V 1362-1370 – Errors of Dionysius Foullechat (Perfection and Poverty) *

[Condemned in the order “Ex supremae clementiae dono,” Dec. 23, 1368]

DS 1087 Dz 575 (1) This blessed, indeed most blessed and sweetest law, namely, the law of love, takes away all propriety and power,–false, erroneous, heretical.

DS 1090 Dz 576 (2) The actual renunciation of sincere will and temporal powers shows and produces the most perfect state of dominion or authority-false, erroneous, heretical.

DS 1091 Dz 577 (3) That Christ did not renounce such possession and right in temporal things is not held according to the New Law, but rather the opposite false, erroneous, heretical.