Denzinger – Schonmetzer 1963 (2170 – 3036)

Bố cục

Part DS Dz
1 2170-2195 1217-1220
2 2201-2291 1221-1290
3 2301-2390 1291-1350
4 2401-2501 1351-1451
5 2515-2598 1452-1500
6 2601-2700 1501-1599
7 2705-2991 1600-1640
8 2803-2896 1641-1700
9 2901-2980 1701-1780
10 3000-3036 1781-1815

Errors on “donated omnipotence”*

[Condemned in the decree of the Holy Office, Nov. 23, 1679]

DS 2170 Dz 1217 1. God gives us His omnipotence, that we may use it, just as someone gives another a villa or a book.

DS 2171 Dz 1218 2. God submits His omnipotence to us.

They are prohibited as at least rash and novel.

Moral Systems *

[Decree of the Holy Office, June 26, 1680]

DS 2175 Dz 1219 In a report of the contents of the letters of Father Gonzales Thirsus directed to His Holiness through Father Laurea of the Society of Jesus, their most blessed Eminences said that the Secretary of State had written to the Apostolic Nuncio of the Spaniards, asking that he inform the said Father Thirsus what His Holiness commanded, after the letter was kindly received and read not without praise; that he himself freely and boldly preach, teach, and defend with his pen the more probable opinion, and not vigorously attack the opinion of those who assert that in the conflict of the less probable opinion with the more probable so recognized and judged, it is lawful to follow the less probable opinion; and to inform him that whatever he shall do and write in favor of the more probable will be pleasing to His Holiness.

DS 2176 Let it be enjoined on the Father General of the Society concerning this order of His Holiness, that he not only permit the Fathers of the Society of Jesus to write in defense of the opinion of the more probable and to oppose the opinion of those who assert that in the controversy of the less probable opinion with the more probable so understood and judged, it is allowed to follow the less probable; but, moreover, let him also write to all the universities of the Society that it is the mind of His Holiness that anyone who will may freely write as he pleases in behalf of the more probable opinion and may attack the contrary opinion above mentioned; and let him order them to submit themselves in all things to the orders of His Holiness. *

Error Concerning the Seal of. Confession *

[Condemned in the decree of the Holy Office, Nov. 18, 1862]

DS 2195 Dz 1220 Concerning the proposition:”It is lawful to use knowledge obtained in confession, provided it is done without any direct or indirect revelation, and without burden upon the penitent, unless some much greater evil follows from its nonuse, in comparison with which the first would be rightly held of little account,” an explanation or limitation then being added, that it is to be understood concerning the use of the knowledge obtained from confession with burden to the penitent, any revelation whatsoever being excluded, and in the case in which a much greater burden to the same penitent would follow from its nonuse, it is decided: “that the stated proposition, as far as it admits the use of said knowledge with the burden upon the penitent, must be altogether prohibited, even with the aforesaid explanation or limitation.”