Summa Theologiae – Appendix


— Question. 1 – Of The Quality Of Those Souls Who Depart This Life With Original Sin Only (Two Articles)

  • Article. 1 – Whether those souls which depart with original sin alone, suffer from a bodily fire, and are punished by fire?
  • Article. 2 – Whether these same souls suffer spiritual affliction on account of the state in which they are?

— Question. 2 – Of The Quality Of Souls Who Expiate Actual Sin Or Its Punishment In Purgatory (Six Articles)

  • Article. 1 – Whether the pains of Purgatory surpass all the temporal pains of this life?
  • Article. 2 – Whether this punishment is voluntary?
  • Article. 3 – Whether the soul in Purgatory are punished by the demons?
  • Article. 4 – Whether venial sin is expiated by the pains of Purgatory as regards the guilt?
  • Article. 5 – Whether the fire of Purgatory delivers from the debt of punishment?
  • Article. 6 – Whether one person is delivered from this punishment sooner than another?


  • Article. 1 – Whether there is a Purgatory after this life?
  • Article. 2 – Whether it is the same place where souls are cleansed, and the damned punished?